Michigan State Championship

Michigan State Championship

G3 Team Results

Winner: First Place Alliance Team 

Boulan Broncos, Hexa Sonics and Geeks, Gears & Gadgets

Winner:  Judges Award

Selected as 1 of 11 teams to compete in the FTC Super Qualifier Tournament in Iowa



G3 Team at States

It was an exciting day and here's a look at some of the fun we had.  Here's a little peak at our fun day!


Fun Photos!

States Championship Match 20

Blue team: G3 5411 and HexaSonics Red team: 5405 and 7138. 7023 Score: 329-58 BLUE TEAM Won.

G3 Autonomous was successful! Blue Team balanced the pendulum crates! Hung on the bar in the end game.

State Championship Match 36

Red Team: G3 5411 and Yellow Jackets 7279.  Blue Team: 7140 and 7693.  Score 219 – 82 RED TEAM WON.  G3's last qualifying match of the day and super exciting!


Semifinals Match 2: Hexa Sonics and G3

The first match of the Semifinals was played by our Alliance teammates Boulan Broncos and the Hexa Sonics.  It was  a tough match and we lost 222-147. This second semi final match we were teamed with the Hexa Sonics. It was a great match and we WON 253-174!  This tied up the semifinal match 1-1.


Semifinals Match 3: G3 and Hexa Sonics

With the semi finals tied up 1-1, this match decided if we would go the finals.  G3 was teamed with the Hexa Sonics. It was a VERY close match with a score of 202 – 226.  We WON!  Our Alliance team is going to the finals!!!!

Finals Match 1: G3 and Boulan Broncos

We played the first match in the finals with the Boulan Broncos. The score was 202-288.  Sadly, we lost the match.  The Boulan Broncos and Hexa Sonics teamed in Match 2 and 3 and they won BOTH matches with scores of 245-165 and 242-123.  The Alliance Team of the Boulan Broncos, Hexa Sonics and Geeks, Gears and Gadgets won the State Championship!