State Qualifiers

We are at the State Qualifiers for FTC in Kentwood MI. There are many other teams here, and although the tournament is just starting, the pressures on!!

Team Photo At State Qualifiers

Semifinal Match 1

Semifinal Match 2

Inspire Award Winners

Opening Ceremony

Match 10: Score 70-10 Alliance: 5960-5411

Match 18: Score 60-62

Team Photos

Other Teams at Qualifiers

Thanks To Our Sponsors

After all of the things we have done we have to thank our wonderful sponsors who helped us very greatly. To do this we put them on our robox. Check it out!


Special thanks to Bigby Coffee in Kentwood MI for use of their wi-fi.

Thanks to all the FTC volunteers and GE Aviation.  We had a great time!

Competition Standings

We are very excited about the competition down here in Kentwood so we decided to post the results of the matches on our website.

match score Winner Alliance #'s G3



B 5641-6482  
2 85-5 R 5391-5411 x
3 65-15 R 6283-5385  
4 59-18 B 6043-5292  
5 37-0 B 5391-5385  
6 45-20 R 6670-5641  
7 114-30 R 6482-6671


8 161-16 R 6482-6671  
9 70-10 B 5960-5411 x
10 77-21 B 6043-5391  
11 56-0 R 6671-5905