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Each year, the students are charged with designing, building, and programming a robot to complete a set of tasks within a “game” setting against teams from other schools.  This year’s challenge is called “Ring It Up” and involves creating a robot that can pick up rings, put them on pegs in a tic-tac-toe manner, recognize the difference between weighted rings and regular ones, and pick up another robot off the ground, among other things. 

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The G3 Team

There are 20 students (6th, 7th and 8th grade) on the team, broken up into groups for programming, design, build, and media.

The designers, led by Mr. Jon Coveyou (Jervis B. Webb contract mechanical engineer), are using CAD – Computer Assisted Design – to design the robot.

The build team, led by head mentor, Mr. Mark Brown, (Sr. Network Engineer, Anthelio Healthcare Solutions) building the robot as soon as the design team is done.

The programmers, under the direction of Mr. John Jerred (Electrical Design Engineer, Honeywell Sensing and Controls), use LAB view to program the Infrared Sensors, which are a major part of the game.

The media team, led by Cheryl Tallman (CEO of Fresh Baby and Creative i Advertising) is managing the website, and contacts with sponsors. 


12/1/12 Progress

11/10/12 Build Progress

10/27/12 Design, Program and Build

10/20/12 Design, Build, and Program

10/13/12 Design and Build

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